In 1999, Roger Adams came up with the idea of putting a wheel in the sole of a shoe. He rode his first pair of roller skates at 9 months old and the love of the sport stuck with him. When he lived in Huntington Beach years later and watched kids zoom around on their skateboards and rollerblades, he realized there must be something new. He cut open a pair of sneakers, inserted a skateboard wheel, and Heelys were born! Today, Heelys are patented products that feature a removable wheel located in the heel, transforming the shoes into stealth skates and giving users the freedom to seamlessly transition from walking or running to skating by shifting their weight to their heel. When the wheels are easily removed, the shoe performs just like any other shoe.

At Hunter Products we are proud to be leading distributors for some of the worlds best cycling brand names.  Whether you be a casual rider or something a bit more serious, we have something for everyone. Our range not only includes cycles, motorised vehicles and scooters but also leading accessories to suit all budgets and styles.



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